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After logining --> my public photos --> "Sorry. No photos were found."

By Wojciech Zielinski

I found this error when I wanted to browse my photos. When I went to my profile, my photos are shown at the left side two-rows' column. But when I use this link:
(or taping Photos --> My Public Photos) i got error as I titled.

Please help,
best regards, WZ.


Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 10-25-13 11:18 AM
Thanks You very much for help,
You are the Greatest :)

Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Jorge Torralba on 10-25-13 10:56 AM
You clicked on the "Bypass Viewing" in your user profile. This woud keep you from viewing those photos. I removed the enry for you and you should be able to see them now. If this happens again, go to the My menu and the last option is Bypass List. you can remove it from there next time.

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