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have you seen these from a7r ?

have you seen these from a7r ?

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Posted: 10-24-13 12:54 AM - Views: 1449

By: James

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very impressive

[url=address http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/my-first-result-with-a7r_topic102199_post1221899.html#1221899


Reply from Andrew Paquette on 11-8-13 8:28 AM

For Christmas, I'm thinking of getting an A7r, a Leica and Nikon mount, the Zeiss 55, and a Summicron from Leica, probably a 35 or 50mm.

I love the idea of carrying a camera that is almost the same as the D800 but a lot easier on the back. I just got back from a trip to London and my back was aching after carrying around the D800+Nikkor 35mm 1.4G. It would have been worse if I'd brought any of my Zeiss lenses (though I was tempted.)

Reply from James on 10-24-13 1:43 PM

More nice images

Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 10-24-13 8:59 AM

Yes, I like those much. I haven't seen those performance with Nikon D800 but maybe I didn't search for it too :) I like those too:

What I am really frightened, there are those photos with A7:

Everything is up to lenses not a body, but I am suggested that A7 body may make a problems with no-system lens. After that what I've seen I have preordered A7R but I am still not sure I've done right thing, cause there are still no available photos of A7R with non Sony-manufactured lenses. Moreover, today there is a day of next year to be year of two new E-mount FF cameras, one new A-mount FF camera and few APS-C E-mount cameras with direct Nex-7 Successor.
Best regards, WZ.
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