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Subject: Site Problem

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 10-11-13 12:53 PM - Views: 615

By: Merrill Morrow

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I have just exchanged my 6 year old iMac for a new model. Now, when I access the site here I am greeted with a long list of type. For example - under 'My' there appears - in list form - My settings , My Photos, My Options. It goes on - all in list form - down to Basic Search and Advanced Search. Any ideas as to what is causing this? It is obviously something in my new iMac.
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Reply from Merrill Morrow on 10-11-13 2:20 PM

Thanks a lot. Problem solved. I had previously been using the 'sand' colour.
Reply from Jt on 10-11-13 1:38 PM

Please, click on any of the color themes fro the menu if you can find them and refresh the page.
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