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Subject: New Distagon 1.4/55mm (Article)

Category: lenses

Posted: 10-2-13 9:52 AM - Views: 4231

By: Wojciech Zielinski

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I believe that Rainer has already mentioned this lens before, it was also promised by Carl Zeiss AG.
There is very hot and interesting article about build concept and difference between new Distagon 1.4/55mm and current Planar 50mm. Have a nice moment reading:


I hope we will see it soon at the market, with price little lower than the one announced before (similar to price of RX1),

best regards, WZ.
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Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 10-9-13 9:08 AM

Otus photos looks very good, better than anything I've seen up today.


But price... I don't know if can afford it. I need to save for a couple of years :) WZ.
Reply from Andrew Paquette on 10-8-13 2:18 PM

My wife agreed to let me buy a new lens this month. I had decided on the AF Nikkor 85mm 1.4G to go with my 35mm 1.4G, but up to just this morning I was thinking of the Zeiss 135mm Apo. Now this comes out. I think I'll still get the Nikon because I don't have any AF telephoto lenses but I do have the 100 Macro planar. After that, It will be the 135 or the 55 Distago.

The problem is that I do this for fun rather than as a profession, so I cannot claim I'll be earning the cost back. On that level, I buy lenses when i feel like I've missed too many shots. The Macro-planar was the first really good lens that I ever had, bought because it was the best lens I could find at a length that i thought was in the middle of the range that I expected to shoot. What I didn't expect was that the type of subject I liked to shoot would change because I was using a better lens. Formerly, I shot a lot of geometric subjects, architecture, paintings (my own), and reference shots for my illustrations using an inexpensive D70 plus a 24-200 zoom. With the Macro-planar in hand, I was shooting lots of landscapes, but found I could not get decent pictures of the inside of a Byzantine cathedral in town. To this day I haven't gotten a single decent interior with the MP, so I bought the 15 mm Distagon. Problem solved. Then I took pictures of a speed skating tournament with both lenses and only got three so-so pictures out of about 450. I decided I wasn't going to spend any more money though. But then, I had a great experience shooting basketball with the Distagon where I lucked into a very good shot. Problem is, I needed AF and a slightly longer lens to make the most of my D800, so I got the Nikkor 35.

The 85mm allows me to shoot fast subjects from a distance similar to the MP, but without all the dropped shots due to focus. The 135mm gives me more distance, but the same focusing problem. The 55 is something that I think will require a different kind of subject, I just don't know what it would be yet. After the 85, I was looking at getting a 300/2 for cycling events and football matches because I don't have anything that can deal with those right now (and I live literally blocks away from a big football stadium), but i don't see myself lugging around one of those monster lenses on a whim, like I can with the rest. This is why the 135 and 55 Zeiss remain intriguing. I think I know how I would use a 135, but am not sure of the 55.

Sorry about the long post, but this question came up in the last week before I commit and make the purchase, so it is a bit stream of consciousness...


Reply from Dan Macdonald on 10-7-13 7:47 AM

For the Zeiss 55 1.4 Lloyd Chambers has changed his approach a bit. He's offered a free mini review of the lens, which tells the reader a lot.

The free review: http://diglloyd.com/articles/ZeissZ/ZeissZ-Otus-55f1_4.html

I think the regular Zeiss paid review site, which already has tons of information on the 55 1.4, will be on a discount today and maybe tomorrow.

Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 10-7-13 6:50 AM

Otus' images looks marvelous :)
Reply from Jean Luc S on 10-7-13 5:20 AM

LLoyd Chambers posted and extensive test of a prototype of this lens named "Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 APO-Distagon"
Beautiful results !!!
Expensive but amazing...
Reply from Dino Brusco on 10-2-13 11:07 PM

Someone noticed that instead of the original 82mm filter thread, now the lens appears to have a 77mm one. Just for info, maybe they slightly redesigned the overall lens?
Reply from Jt on 10-2-13 9:59 AM

I am told we will see it this month,
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