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Subject: Could we add A3000/ILCE-3000 to Camera list?

Category: Site Updates

Posted: 09-15-13 7:20 AM - Views: 2939

By: Jerzy Zieliński

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I bought one and I made photos so could we add it to camera list?
Thanks, JZ
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Reply from Jerzy Zieliński on 10-1-13 11:46 AM

Thanks for Your help,
Reply from Jt on 09-30-13 4:28 AM

New mirrorless cameras are digital. therefore, when images taken with them are uploaded, the camera is already listed and not needed from your list of cameras.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 09-22-13 10:06 PM

Could You do something? Do we really needs two copies of NEX-7 or A300, and none copy of A3000 ???

How long I and Wa-pro need to wait for Your action/responce ?

If it is added automatically after uploading a photo, You should at least response and teach us about this mechanism.

Do You mind to write any FAQ or procedure how to add new lens/camera/etc at Your site?

I know that You have a lot of work to renovate 16bitGallery-sites. I am really grateful what You do to all of us with those sites. I wish You to help You to treat main problems with using Your sites. I do not know how to communicate with You in effective way.

Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 09-19-13 2:30 PM

I wish support this request,
why not to add new Sony mirrorless camera?

Best regards, WZ.
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