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Subject: My lens is not on the list?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 09-3-13 9:09 AM - Views: 1456

By: Sasa

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I have an MC Sonnar 4/300 CZ Jena DDR lens. It is not available for choosing in list of lenses, so I chose Jena Prakticar 4/300 though it's not exactly the same lens. Is list of lenses reduced for simplicity reasons, or is there a way to expand the list? I tried writing to support, but nobody answered.
I'm new here, so sorry if my question is dumb :)

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Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 09-4-13 12:31 PM

Thanks You very much Jorge,
best regards, WZ.
Reply from Sasa on 09-4-13 10:32 AM

Well, that was quick :)

Reply from Jt on 09-3-13 3:00 PM

this has been added

Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 300mm f4

2.8-3.5 fixed.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 09-3-13 1:39 PM

Greetings Sasa,
the list is reduced only to those lenses, which were needed and which were used and asked by users-photographers. You need to find a way to contact with Jorge (site-owner/admin).
I have wanted recently to add Carl Zeiss Jena Makro-Practicar 2.8/55mm but I haven't got a success. My last added lens is wrongly described too as Vario-Pancolar 2.8-3.5, but correct light is 2.7-3.5 :) I hope to correct this soon. Please come here and see us Jorge :)

Best regards, WZ.
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