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Subject: Are you tied to a camera brand because of lens?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 08-30-13 10:19 AM - Views: 1734

By: Jt

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Are you tied to a camera brand because of lenses available? For example, I am tied to Nikon because of the Zeiss lenses that re available for it. I could move to Canon. But i have not gone Sony because of the limited "Zeiss" line up. If another brand of camera could accommodate a line up of Zeiss lenses like what we see for ZF or ZE I would definitely try it.
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Reply from Rick Perry on 09-24-13 3:17 AM

Like "Picman", I too went with Sony A900 because of Zeiss autofocus lenses. They are definitely up to the IQ challenge with a very high build quality.

I find auto focus necessary for people shots and fast moving subjects. However, I use manual focus for close up macro work and some landscapes.


Reply from Picman on 09-23-13 12:48 PM

I have opted for Sony A900 because of the autofocus Zeiss lenses. For my purpose the selection is ample, I really do not need more lenses than what is available (this does not mean I would not buy new ones if interesting ones become available :-)). I really would not want to go back to manual focus only. I know sometimes autofocus is not sufficient and you need to do some manual correction, but in my experience that is very seldom.

Cheers, Bob.
Reply from Philippe Philber on 09-22-13 12:40 AM

There is a rumor that Sony will market a camera with variable sensor positioning inside the body, which will let it use lenses from any manufacturer. If that should materialize, and if the implementation is well done, and if it is a good camera (lots of ifs, I know), this will be devastating to the business models of Canon and Nikon who hold their customers to ransom because they are "tied in" to a system.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 08-31-13 5:02 AM

I read the rumor that in September there is going to be announced couple of new APS-C cameras by Sony. One of them is told to posses unique feature, to let use Pentax/Nikon and Cannon lenses with AF and Sony body. There isn't much more of details relieved about it, but if You stay with www.Sonyalpharumors till Wednesday, there is an promise by Adrea to post some additional info with even an pictures.
Best regards, WZ.
UPDATE: There is expected camera with moving sensor in three axis (X-Y-Z). Two axis is used to image stabilization and third axis are going to be used for correction of focus (AF).
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 08-31-13 12:02 AM

I guess, we will see very soon more from ZEISS!

The Photokina year 2014, has already started behind the curtains!
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