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Subject: New FX SONY NEX-9?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 07-22-13 10:52 AM - Views: 4116

By: Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss

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The hallway gossips are whispering about a new > 30 MP FX SONY NEX-9! The launch of the new camera, are three ZEISS lenses, incl. one zoom, should be coming to the market?

Furthermore, I expect also a new FX camera made by FUJI with new AF Zeiss glasses!

After the Photokina, is before the Photokina! We will see!
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Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 08-7-13 9:52 AM

I have two apprehensions about new Sony's products, which are going to be announced September of 24th. I believe that Nex-FF would be a only successor of Nex-7 and it wouldn't as much affordable as Nex-7 was. Maybe I am wrong, but no information about Nex-7 successor, when it were almost ready to release, make me think that it evolved into Nex-FF. It wouldn't be called Nex-7T for sure because it is upgraded too much :)
There is also another rumor about DSLR-shaped E-mount camera. It is told to be named as 'ILC-3000', which distinct it from other current Nex cameras. I believe that ILC-3000 - will bring certain new feature to try out it with customers, how it is useful and how much people like it. I believe that ILC-3000 would have double mount feature - and this is a reason why it is called other way than 'NEX' (like 'Nex-5T' - which is going to be Nex-5n successor).
Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Harry Meares, Jr. on 08-1-13 7:41 PM

I've heard nothing but good things about the Nex series cameras. Lets hope that the 9 will be afordable. I'm not that crazy about MP count, as long as the low/noise and image quality is there.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 07-31-13 5:36 AM

There is an rummor that first full-frame E-mount Zeiss lens would have focal length 35mm and maximum aperture at f/2.8. A main goal it is to make it small.
I doubt it would be Biogon or Planar optical design. It would be probably Sonnar. It could share some concept with Sonnar 2.8/40 HFT M-mount, but it would be probably more advanced design:


It would be funny if it were a Tessar :) It would be a great way to make it cheaper and to let to make it with finest materials. Other way it is a pity that we are not expecting Sonnar 2/35 in E-mount from RX-1 Cybershot camera. Technically it could be possible to mount this lens (flange focal distance isn't too long i believe) but it would be probably make some consequences to RX-1 sales rates. Moreover Sonnar 2/35 is produced and developed in colaboration between Zeiss and Sony and I am not sure if Sonnar 2.8/35 would be Zeiss-only designed and manufactured lens.

Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Brian on 07-22-13 7:23 PM

The next Photokina is September 2014 ; )
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 07-22-13 2:42 PM

Greetings Rainer,
I read that there would be probably four new Nex (Nex-5T, successor Nex-7, Entry-level DSLR-shaped APS-C Nex and rangefinder-sized FF-Nex). Sony has been developed recently three new FF sensor: 24MP, 32MP and 36MP. The announcement is scheduled for late August of 2013 - but of course it could be rescheduled every-time because those are only rumors. FF-Nex is told to be priced at 3000$ (in Europe it would be probably 3000Euro) but Zeiss lenses are told to be priced the same. Personally I am not ready for 3000euro FF-Nex, I am waiting probably for Nex-7 successor. Best regards, WZ.

PS. Fuji stands that it is not interested today in more professional segment, they submitted to announce 2-3 entry-level cameras till end of year. Fuji X-Pro2 is told to be released in next year but maybe they want to deceive concurrent companies. I also doubt in entry-level DSLR-shaped APS-C mirroless camera with E-mount but we will see soon :)
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