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What do You think about changing brand of 'Carl Zeiss'

By Wojciech Zielinski

Greetings Fellows,
some of You probably noticed that new Touit 2.8/12 lenses have a brand name as 'ZEISS' not 'Carl Zeiss', while currently available Touit 1.8/32 lenses has engraved traditional brand name as 'Carl Zeiss' ('Thanks' to rickperry for confirming it).
After that at Zeiss website an article appeared about changing a brand name for new lenses to 'ZEISS' ( ).

Personally I don't like it, even if I agree that we choose a lens for it's optical properties and performance and not for a external design or lens name. For Zeiss, it becomes important to cooperate with Phoenix group to make exceptional outlook of their new product and they also make a lot efforts to change a convention to distinguish their lenses with names after bird, starting from parrots. I wish to ask You how do You like it? or do You think that Carl Zeiss lenses had lacked something with naming or outlook to Nikkor, Canon or Sigma lenses?

Sorry for a little sore and emotional-oriented topic if You don't like it or don't care. I wish to know if there are more people who feel similar or differently to me. Best regards, WZ.

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Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 07-22-13 9:58 PM

I believe that it was more due a legal rights. Still " is not associated or affiliated with". Before the difference was more tactile.
Reply from Ivan R. on 07-22-13 9:40 PM

Zeiss Images never had Carl in its name.. just sayin
Reply from Brian on 07-22-13 7:33 PM

Much like Madonna and Elvis, Zeiss doesn't need a clarifier...there are no others!
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 07-21-13 10:24 PM

I am still not convinced that sophisticated optical company should be linked with something short and simple. According to this strategy, Carl Zeiss should produce only highest quality pinhole plates. I can image that people should not focus first at product's name but on their products' other properties. But I also think that products and their name should be adjusted to each other or match each other. Changing a name to simpler one makes me to think that this movement is more general. Probably everything is now simpler one, eg. materials, optics too...Simple constructions should produce similar outcome across various trade marks but most advanced products should take a lead. So I still don't get it why I have to choice simpler ZEISS over previous more distinguishing 'Carl Zeiss' ? 'Carl Zeiss' is my life, I don't want to make it short and simple, not yet*
Maybe I haven't seen my medical consultant recently but I visit my Pharmacy regularly (in case You want to know :) ).
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 07-21-13 2:27 AM

KISS = Keep it short and simple!
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 07-20-13 2:01 PM

I saw today news-flash about human-face transplantation in Turkey. They showed in-operation microscope, which was signed at eye-glass as 'Carl Zeiss'. Everything else was hidden under operational clothes. I was so proud of using Carl Zeiss glasses.

I have a simple exercise for You, could You image that Your best friend loose the first name and You may call him only by surname. How do You like it? :) Does he really not need it ?
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 07-18-13 6:15 AM

Every product from ZEISS is marked with the well known blue Zeiss logo, so I guess this is a good and simple way to identify the Zeiss products worldwide. As long Zeiss is in it, I don't care!
Reply from Dino Brusco on 07-8-13 5:32 AM

probably they might have worked on a graphic design that put the ZEISS letters in evidence while maintaining a littler font for "Carl". Actually, although heritage is not only in the name, I wonder if he's turning upside down in his coffin right now...
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