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Zeiss Milvus repair

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Zeiss Milvus repair

Category: lenses

Posted: 07-19-22 7:02 AM - Views: 56

By: H. Anthony Semone

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Colleauges, I have a Zeiss Milvus 25/1.4 ZE with a "ding" on the first element. While it does not impair image quality at all, I want it corrected along with a CLA prior to sale. Are there authorized Zeiss lens repair facilities in the USA where it is possible to talk directly with someone about the issue? Zeiss in KY is apparently unavailable for direct personal contact. My web search suggests that there are a couple of other facllities to which I could send the lens, but they do not do in-house repairs, rather fowarding the lens on to KY. FWIW, I have no clue as to how the "ding" came about. It is out of warranty. Any help seriously well appreciated. Anthony


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Reply Nr.3 from H. Anthony Semone on 07-30-22 8:54 AM

Reply Nr.2 from H. Anthony Semone on 07-30-22 8:54 AM

Not much has changed, Chris, based on reports from two brick and mortar dealers near me. Since the Lens ding makes no difference at all in terms of the photographic value of the picture, there is no sense whatever in sending it in for repair to the Kentucky facility. I thank you very much for your confirmation response to my inquiry. Take good care, Anthony

Reply Nr.1 from Chris Scholz on 07-30-22 8:49 AM

Hi Anthony, 

I cannot give you a comprehensive answer but only my own experience with Zeiss repair services, based on one single event a few years ago.

The aperture stepper motor of my 100 mm Makro-Planar broke. I contacted a few local repair shops but they all told me that Zeiss does not sell spare parts to independent repair shops, so they don't touch Zeiss lenses.

I ended up mailig the lens to the official Zeiss service center that is listed on their website. The repair estimate was about 2/3 of the price that a used lens costs, with no guarantee that this would fix the the problem. The labor rate they charged was significantly more expensive than other premium optic brands. They technician also told me that he might have to replace the entire lens barrel. This would be significantly more expensive than the estimate.

Based on this one-time experience I tend to think that if a Zeiss consumer lens breaks the only thing that makes economic sense is to sell it for parts. 

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