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Subject: Still cannot get my Pics to 'Upload'

Category: Feedback

Posted: 05-26-19 1:07 AM - Views: 468

By: Peter Elgar

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Been trying several times now -- I HATE the 'new' site -- it's so different and difficult ---  now I cannot get my pics to appear in Gallery OR  one of my 'Albums' . I click on 'SELECT' and find my pics -- not too many KB in size, then they appear in the Upoad Box and I click to upload BUT they vanish somewhere -- never appear in my Album or in General gallery. Also, in small box at top of my computer it says 'NIKON IMAGES' -- so do they go THERE ??  Getting fed up with trying to support this site. Sorry . ( Just looked NOW in small box at top where you click off the 'X' to exit Site and it still says 'NIKON IMAGES' !! ) 

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Reply from Jt on 05-31-19 11:10 AM

Glad you saw the error and complained. That meant I could fix it! Thanks!

Reply from Peter Elgar on 05-31-19 3:49 AM

Thanks for fixing the trouble Jorge -- at LAST I managed to get my Zeiss Hasselblad photos to upload AND they are in the 'Zeiss' part NOT the NIKON part ! 

Reply from Peter Elgar on 05-30-19 1:02 AM

RIGHT !!  Found them and deleted them -- YES I will send you a Hasselblad photo with Zeiss NOT 'NIKON' lens !!   Peter ( got to FIND your e-mail first ! ) 

Reply from Jt on 05-29-19 4:26 PM

I fixed the nikon images showing up.


I logged in as you and uploaded 2 pictures without any issues. I left them in your gallery so you can delete them and see them.

Please email me one of the pictures you are trying to upload.



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