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Finding 'Manage My Lenses'

By Peter Elgar

a 'box' comes up saying I should go to 'Manage My Lenses' in my Dashboard BUT when I GO to Dashboard 'Manage My Lenses' is NOT THERE !!  

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Reply from Peter Elgar on 05-25-19 11:29 AM

YO !!   Found  it NOW -- but it definitely was NOT  there  before !  Also -- have trouble uploading Hasselblad photos --  put some into the 'Upload Box' thing and click BUT they  vanish !!  Not in my Hasselblad album or anywhere ! 

Reply from Jt on 05-25-19 11:20 AM

That will list lenses to add to your list of managed lenses. I will disable that pop up message now.

Reply from Jt on 05-25-19 11:14 AM

Have a look at this image

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