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Finding 'Manage My Lenses'

Finding 'Manage My Lenses'

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Posted: 05-23-19 12:49 PM - Views: 683

By: Peter Elgar

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a 'box' comes up saying I should go to 'Manage My Lenses' in my Dashboard BUT when I GO to Dashboard 'Manage My Lenses' is NOT THERE !!  



Reply from Picman on 10-21-19 6:47 AM

Unfortunately the lists of lenses are quite messy. In the list "looking for photos with particular lenses" you will find the batis names (not uniform however), in the list for lenses to add they are not there, or rather they are there with different and again non-uniform names. Also what is a 16-35 zoom doing in the 70mm class?

Reply from Peter Elgar on 05-25-19 11:29 AM

YO !!   Found  it NOW -- but it definitely was NOT  there  before !  Also -- have trouble uploading Hasselblad photos --  put some into the 'Upload Box' thing and click BUT they  vanish !!  Not in my Hasselblad album or anywhere ! 

Reply from Jt on 05-25-19 11:20 AM

That will list lenses to add to your list of managed lenses. I will disable that pop up message now.

Reply from Jt on 05-25-19 11:14 AM

Have a look at this image

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