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Detailed search criteria on lenses..

Detailed search criteria on lenses..

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Posted: 09-9-18 11:24 AM - Views: 1046

By: Celestron

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Hi Folks,

maybe You share and I do have not found the search criteria for lens type.

In the old forum it was pretty easy to find picture shot with dedicated lenses.
We had a list of all Zeiss lenses, e.g. Distagon 2.0/28mm C/Y or classic 1.4/50mm Planar.

How can I find pictures related to a certain lens.

I found to get result by lens type as Distagon or Planar, but I still receive all pictures with Distagon, all types.

Do I something wrong?





Reply from Jt on 02-1-19 10:27 AM

This has been resolved. You now can select from almost any page the Search by lens option.

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