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Query failed: ERROR

Query failed: ERROR

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Posted: 06-2-18 8:31 PM - Views: 689

By: Jim Craig

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I went to upload a few photos and got a screen flash that stated: Warning: pg_execute(): Query failed: ERROR: Invalid input syntax for type numeric: "undef" in /home/zeissimages/www/functions.php on line 4114


I am shooting with a new setup and have not yet uncovered all the little quirks.  The camera is a Fujifilm X-T2 and the lens used in the photos is a Zeiss ZM Biogon 2/35 adapted with the Fujifilm adapter.  The adapted does allow some lens info to transfer to the camera but I noticed in the metadata that the photos do not include the lens type of what the f/ stop used.


Are these issues related to the error message encountered during uploading?


p.s., I was in your neck of the woods Jorge a few weeks back on the Oregon coast.  Beautiful country.  My only issue was not yet knowing my new camera.  Oh well, good excuse to go back.




Reply from Jim Craig on 06-3-18 4:29 PM

It seems to work.  Thanks.

Reply from Jt on 06-3-18 9:40 AM

Not your fault. I missed a check in the code. Could you try again with one of the photos that failed ?


Next time you're in town, reach out to me. Would be great to meet the members.



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