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Tell me what isn't working so I can fix it

Tell me what isn't working so I can fix it

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Posted: 05-13-18 9:39 PM - Views: 766

By: Jt

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Migration is in the works. It will be a little longer but please let me know what is working and isnt.

I will have it all in place soon. So please hang tight :)



Reply from Jt on 05-17-18 8:49 PM

Search feature coming soon.


I am pretty confident I fixed the photo editing and forgetting who you are logged in as.

Reply from Celestron on 05-17-18 12:35 PM

Hello Jorge,

maybe I have not found it yet, but is there still a >serarch< function avialabe to find pictures with specific lenses or cameras?

The old style offered a basic and an advanced search.

Many Thanks,



Reply from Piotr on 05-16-18 12:47 AM

I can see the notes!Hurrah!

Reply from Piotr on 05-15-18 9:56 PM

Previously reported problems seem to be persistent:

I can not see previously done notes.Pictures taken with lenses other than Zeiss have "lens model not set".

I can not add the lens model to the uploaded images,other then writing it in the "title"."My" Zeiss lens palette does not show up in any way.

When I view/edit my pictures they are mixed with somebody else's photographs.


Reply from Jt on 05-15-18 7:56 PM

Notes have been migrated and now show up.

I will be adding a way to edit and add notes soon.


I think I may have fixed the problem in the edit mode where pictures to edit did not show up.

Reply from Piotr on 05-15-18 7:10 AM

I now figure that I can not attach a lens model description to recently uploaded pictures.Guess that this feature is due to return in times?

Reply from Piotr on 05-15-18 6:14 AM

Also,I see that my pictures from yesterday were eventually uploaded somehow,so another great news.Thanks!

Reply from Piotr on 05-15-18 6:13 AM

Hello again Jorge,


Yes I use chrome browser,so this may be the case.Great sigh of relief that my notes have not disappeared :-).Thanky for informing me and for the work you do.:-)))

Reply from Jt on 05-14-18 9:08 PM


Does the mixing of images when editing only happen with the Chrome browser?  I can reproduce the error in Chrome but not with Firefox.



Reply from Jt on 05-14-18 2:25 PM

Working on the edit issue. and cache issue which forgets what you are view. i.e your own images.

Reply from Piotr on 05-14-18 11:29 AM

I can edit only the last page.If I want to edit any previous one,editing option disappears and my pictures are mixed again with some other people's photographs.

Reply from Jt on 05-14-18 10:42 AM

Your notes are still there in the orogonal database. I just need to migrate them. So don't worry about that.


Picture mixed with others? I think that is a cache issue I have to fix.

Try this and let me know if it works for now.

Click on "Gallery" from the top menu first.

Then Click on "My Photos" from the menu.

Reply from Piotr on 05-14-18 9:55 AM

Andother thing - when I view my pictures from the past they are mixed with somebody's elses photographs.  :-(

Reply from Piotr on 05-14-18 9:49 AM

Hello JT,


I can not upload pictures in any on two available ways (drag or select).

My notes under pictures taken with brands of lenses other than Zeiss have all disappeared.It is a real problem.I have no any other records like this apart from those on your site,so can not identify which lens was used to take such picture.Could you please recover them?


Reply from Walter Schoffthaler on 05-14-18 3:55 AM

Upload works O.K. but noe "Camera" or "Lens" choice yet ...

Uploaded 1 image today with category "Cityscape" and submitted. What the system extracted from EXIF is this information below:


Natural- and Street-Lights (Bokeh)

135 mm


ISO 800 - 1/4 at f/5.6

Button [Hide Details]



Thank you, Jorge - You are doing a great job!

best regrads,

Walter from Norway

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