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New Zeiss Planar T*1,4/50mm for SONY

Germany z-enthusiast | 2013-02-20 | Viewed 4172 times | Bottom
On May 2013, the new Planar 1,4/50mm for SONY cameras will become available. Price: 1499 Euros

Embeded Photo

Read more here http://www.sony.co.uk/product/ddl-full-frame-lenses/sal-50f14z #tab

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Poland aquilan | 09-30-13 9:34 AM | Bottom
please upload any photos You made with it and various f-stops (like 1.4/2/till f/8). I would be very greatful because I am very curious how it perform before I decide to buy one Smile
Best regards, WZ.

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Spain jamesmd | 09-29-13 12:22 PM | Bottom
I have this lens now , and I'm absolutely impressed , I have the 50 1.4 ZF2 adapted for sony too , and ill probably sell it , but I'm waiting for some time to see how it compares , I'm posting images with both so you can see

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Ukraine yury_s | 08-5-13 11:29 PM | Bottom
Yes, the price of the lens is very high. But the lens is impressive.
There are a couple of wedding photos taken with A99 + CZ 50/1, 4 ZA
These photos were taken by one person from Sony-Club.ru

http://sony-club.ru/showthread.php?t=63681&p=1065731&viewfull=1 #post1065731

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Germany z-enthusiast | 02-26-13 1:54 AM | Bottom
With an weight of 518 gr. and an 72mm filter size, the lens seems to be a real professional glass! I personal prefer heavy and solid metal glasses instead of plastic lens housings.

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Poland aquilan | 02-25-13 2:46 PM | Bottom
Thanks Jorge Smile

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United States torralba | 02-25-13 12:16 PM | Bottom
I have translated the page and added it to the library of MTF charts here on ZI. You can view it from here http://www.zeissimages.com/mtf.php

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Poland aquilan | 02-25-13 6:21 AM | Bottom
at least there is MTF and lens cross-section, maybe You would be interested:

(Source: http://www.sony.jp/ichigan/products/SAL50F14Z/feature_1.html #L1_80 )

IMHO lens construction looks very innovative but the general concept of Planar's construction is preserved. MTF shows it's nature. Performance is quite well distributed across full frame. MTF chart is simmilar to MTF of current Distagon 1.4/35 ZF.2/ZE. I am currious if it shows longitudinal chromatic aberrations like other older Planar 50mm f/1.4 from ZF.2/ZE line. I wish see as it works (in practice). Best regards, WZ.

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Poland aquilan | 02-24-13 5:20 PM | Bottom
Greetings Carol..I believe that there wouldn't be quick release of new Planar in ZF/ZE mount. There was some lens from ZA lenses line which inspirited designers of ZF/ZE lenses line like: Distagon 2/24 ZA --> Distagon 2/25 ZF/ZE, Sonnar 1.8/135 ZA --> ApoSonnar 2/135 ZF/ZE. But all times lens formula was designed from a scratch anyway. I believe that Planar 1.4/50 ZF/ZE succesor would be Distagon 1.4/55 ZF/ZE, but if the customers accept new Planar ZA warmly - maybe something would change... Smile Best regards, WZ.

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Canada zeissy | 02-22-13 8:42 PM | Bottom
Isn't there a ZF coming out like this one as well?

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United States rickperry | 02-21-13 1:48 PM | Bottom
THey have been talking about this lens for many months - I am glad they finally have officially announced it. I am sure the Build quality is Super and IQ that this lens can produce is nothing short of Spectacular - as is the PRICE!


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Poland aquilan | 02-21-13 12:12 PM | Bottom
I wish to see spec like lens schema (cross-section) and MTF for this lens. Today announcement hasn't brought anything new except some of marketing hay, which has been rummored for a long time.

Best regards, WZ.

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United States torralba | 02-20-13 3:43 PM | Bottom
I cant wait to see how this stacks up against the existing ZF/ZE 50mm Planar.

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Germany z-enthusiast | 02-20-13 9:59 AM | Bottom
The new lens is sealed, and contains 8 elements in 5 groups, with 2 aspherical lenses. Weight for an standard lens, with 518 gr. quiet heavy! Solid stuff!

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United States torralba | 02-20-13 9:34 AM | Bottom
that is an insane price! Is there some additional magic to this lens ?

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