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Thanks for your donation!

United States torralba | 2017-07-03 | Viewed 5214 times | Bottom
I wanted to offer a big thank you to those of you who have helped run this site with either donations or subscriptions. Thanks to your generosity, we continue to operate! I cannot thank you enough!

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United States torralba | 10-1-17 7:55 PM | Bottom
Thanks so much for your donation. That was very generous.

Links are fixed now.

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Belgium picman | 10-1-17 7:31 AM | Bottom
Hi Jorge,

I wanted to make a one time donation but this was not possible because "paypal account closed". My paypal account is perfectly working however. So what is happening?

Cheers, Bob.

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Even a one time donation or subscription can go a long way in helping run the site. Use the donate button of your choice.

Thanks for your support !

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