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Parking Garage Roof Sunset 2

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CameraSONY, α850

Focal length50 mm


Exposure ISO 200 - 0.3 s at f/11


Date posted2010-11-11

Exif dataEXIF data

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alphazeiss - 11-12-10 9:17 PM
I had a #2 combo for lunch. That Quarter Pounder meal definitely was more than a quarter pound that they advertised!!! Hmmm..... dashing around on a hospital parking lot top??? hey what's up with that?? We normally avoid hospitals!! Man I thought you were at a mall!! Did they record your license plate number?? :)
evangelos k - 11-12-10 5:29 PM
Thanks guys! It seems the "Golden Arches" perspective is a love it or hate it thing (many do not like it, some of them just b/c it is Mc Donalds, :) ) I like it, but just to be safe I took multiple shots with different framing :)

Tell me about it Phil.. It is a Hospital Garage, BTW. If someone was watching the camera feeds, he would see a guy on the parking Garage roof running like a madman from corner to corner with a camera mounted on a tripod, LOL. He would have been "WTF?" because he would not have know that at the same time the sun was going down, the train (in the other picture) was also passing by, visible from the opposing side of the roof, and the madman was trying to capture them all :D

PS. No matter what, FF (Fast Food) is bad for you. Tastes bad too!

PS 2. FF (Full Frame) is good for you!
JT - 11-12-10 11:45 AM
I never thought the Golden Arches could look so good. This is beautiful! Well done.
alphazeiss - 11-12-10 9:56 AM
Very pretty/nice clouds!!

hey Evan only guys up to no good hang out on a parking garage roof!! all the security cameras will be pointing at you j/k :) :)

hmm... that's a shopping/mall down there huh?! man... i really like the M logo sticking out there in the picture. Talk about a cool brave guy (you) there. ha ha!!