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Single fungi
Through a window NYC
The Rockefeller Centre NYC
Times Square NYC
9/11 Memorial Colour Version
Twisted Girders
Photo 53919
Canada Harbour Place
Col di Lana
Two Sisters

Fruit Seller © 2018 Peter Elgar

ME SUPER | Zeiss Jena 24mm f2.8 | JENA | f/4 | ISO 200 | General

United Kingdom Photographer: Mediumformatfan

Photographer Notes:

China Town New York. outdated KONICA VX 400 Super

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United Kingdom mediumformatfan 06-21-17 1:40 AM

I got that lens for £10 at a 'Car Boot Sale' here in England. It is marked 'made in Japan under licence from Carl Zeiss Jena. '

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United States camjones 06-20-17 6:51 PM - Rated it: 7

Ah, that old film look. I have forgotten what that looks like. What is a Zeiss Jena? I used to own a ME Super. I enjoyed that camera.

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