Photo: On the Turn of the Tide | By: bajanexile | ZEISS DISTAGON F2.8 21MM |
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On the Turn of the Tide


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The Old Bristol Docks. The old docks have been extensively redeveloped with bars, cafes, restaurants etc. It is a wonderful area to stroll around.
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Date posted2011-08-04
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🕐 08-06-11 04:01bajanexile wrote:
Thanks Rick. The Zeiss 21mm with the Canon EOS 5D Mk.I is a killer combination. It produces sharper images straight out of the camera. It may be that the 12.8 Megapixel sensor has a less severe Anti-aliasing filter in front of it VS the Mk.II. Certainly an easier camera to use. I wish the Manufactures would drop the Anti-aliasing filter altogether. Steve
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