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CameraCANON, Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Focal length105 mm


Exposure ISO 200 - (1/160) at f/8

Category2015 - Contest sponsored by Zeiss

Date posted2015-12-22

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sidaths - 12-22-15 3:06 PM
It was our second day in Iceland and the first day out of Reykjavik. We spent the early part of the day driving up to this region in the far west of Iceland hoping to see the summit. Despite being around the area for several hours, hiking along the coast and watching the gulls and terns nest this was the only time we saw it, as the clouds parted just after 11pm.

At the time we had the cameras up on the tripods pointing hopefully Northwards. With a brisk westerly wind chilling us as we huddled around the back of the car eating canned tuna and bread we waited. Then the wind then blew a gap in the clouds past the summit and I rushed to my waiting camera and with tuna-stained fingers clicked away. Our patience in being there despite the cold paid off.

At the time, this was the Northern-most point on the globe I'd been to. Behind me there was the ocean, and then nothing... no land until the Antarctic 10,000 miles of Atlantic away.

Snæfellsjökull, Iceland