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Dusk in Dubrovnik

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CameraCANON, Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Focal length50 mm


Exposure ISO 3200 - (1/40) at f/1.4


Date posted2015-12-22

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sidaths - 12-22-15 8:13 AM
Forty minutes after the sun fell beneath the waves, the lights of Dubrovnik and a departing cruise liner winked into shimmering existence.

When out in the wilderness, getting to a good spot for the sunset is difficult because you usually need to walk there and ensure that you're carrying enough water and food to make the journey there and back. Being in a busy city presents its own challenges -- although food is easily obtained, you can't simply walk where you want to go. You need to navigate the (often rush hour) road networks so as not to trespass and hope that the spot you pick on a road map doesn't have an obscured view.

This evening we sped off an hour before sunset to try and get enough altitude for an overview of Dubrovnik. We didn't get there in time for the sunset, but we found this spot in time for dusk. It wasn't the safest place, with several people and dogs eyeing us as we hastily found parking and ran down the road and up refuse heaps and concrete blocks to get the view we wanted without distractions in the foreground.

I didn't have my tripod (I know, schoolboy error!) I had to take this handheld. I took several frames and this was the least blurry.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2012