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Wildflower pathways

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Focal length35 mm


Exposure ISO 160 - (1/60) at f/4


Date posted2015-12-21

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zeissimages - 12-21-15 6:01 PM
I love detailed comments or descriptions. Well done !
sidaths - 12-21-15 1:57 PM
Rain-dampened wildflowers line a lonely mountain road in the Apuane Alps in Tuscany, Italy.

Having reached the summit of Monte Altissimo the day before, we were tired as we drove to the start of our next hike in the Apuane Alps of northern Tuscany. While we managed the summit of one particularly tall mountain the day before, this day we were planning on getting to the top of three slightly shorter peaks before the sun set. The weather wasn't favourable, and the rain and fog combined with achy legs resulting in a rather quiet drive to the staging point.

Halfway there, I noticed that we were driving through some really lovely country lanes. Snapping out of my 'just get there' mindset. I stopped the car and reversed several hundred metres muttering something to my companions about 'time to take a photo'. A few seconds of creative reversing and I had the framing I wanted. I hopped out of the car with my trusty Sony point and shoot camera, but after taking a few with it, I realized that the scene deserved some time with my main camera. This is the result.

Since out trips are usually tightly organized so that we can see and do as much as possible, we tend to miss out some of the lovely sights along the way. I really appreciated stopping here for a few minutes, not only to take a quick photo but also to smell and hear the rain (that we had been cursing earlier) patter euphoniously on the foliage all about us.

Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy, 2014

Sony a7R with Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8