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kanzer16 - 06-15-15 9:46 AM
Amazing view !!
dalth500 - 06-15-15 6:46 AM
Aquilan - This was shot at f8, 25 seconds, ISO 100. I used a Metabones adaptor to fit the M mount to Sony A7r E mount. There are no mods to the A7r body. The lens is actually a Zeiss Biogon 2.8/21mm (not sure if they also make it with a Contax brand name) Generally I am happy with the Zeiss M mount lenses except for the inability to link them to modern digital bodies (like Leica M240 or the A7r) which causes the purple fringing discussed earlier here. Thanks for the nice comment!
aquilan - 06-15-15 12:56 AM
It looks fantastic for Contax G Biogon 2.8/21mm and Sony A7R. Could I ask You what apperture have You used and have You modded Your camera or lens to achieve this effect?


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Shiodome night

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