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Rise, Sunflower, rise.
Water Free Fall

In a fog © 2018 Jochen Bongaerts

DSC-RX1 | Zeiss Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2 | RX1 | General

Belgium Photographer: J-b

EXIF | Gallery | Message | Link | Full Size | Posted: 2014-12-30 | Views: 3965

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RATED 9.83


View profile for fotographz
United States fotographz 12-26-17 2:34 PM

Beautiful. You have photographed a visual for the Robert Frost Poem: The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

View profile for drezac@icloud.com
Canada drezac@icloud.com 11-21-15 9:00 PM - Rated it: 10

Magical! Perfect shot...congratulations Jochen

View profile for andyandrews
United States andyandrews 08-10-15 8:39 PM - Rated it: 10

Bravo! I see you haven't forgotten the Rule of Thirds or Golden Section placement to create a composition in which primary and secondary subjects waltz in perfect harmony. And I can smell the mixture of pine forest and chill fog, best followed by two cups of glogg next to a cheery fireplace!

View profile for j-b
Belgium j-b 01-11-15 1:04 PM

Thanks everyone!

View profile for unicomichael
United Kingdom unicomichael 01-10-15 6:08 AM

Well done! Great sense of recession into the mist.

View profile for pr_aero
Denmark pr_aero 01-8-15 8:25 AM - Rated it: 10

Well done sir, and well deserved indeed

View profile for kanzer16
Spain kanzer16 01-7-15 11:24 PM

Congratulations on such a good job

View profile for beso
United States beso 01-7-15 11:07 PM

Outstanding image!

View profile for lev20000@aol.com
United States lev20000@aol.com 01-7-15 8:41 PM - Rated it: 10

Superb shot

View profile for torralba
United States torralba 01-7-15 7:14 PM

Love this.

View profile for luther
United States luther 01-7-15 6:42 PM - Rated it: 9

Beautiful photograph!

View profile for shtarka1
United States shtarka1 01-7-15 5:31 PM

Congrats Jochen! Brilliant Image!! Well Deserved!

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