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Photo - 40960

italy74 - 11-17-14 9:23 AM
RabyĆ , Karakul, Tajikistan, August 2014.
This 5 yrs old girl travelled with us from Murghab to Karakul ( abt 100 miles ) to go back home in a very remote area of eastern Tajikistan. Despite her young age, she needed a dentist, not available in her home village, so someone first escorted her to Murghab at her uncle, yet someone had to escort back home in an area where cars and vehicles of any kind are very rare. The hotel receptionist where we stayed in Murghab thankfully knew our driver and subsequently decided to ask him a favour. By chance, Rabya's mother was our next guest house owner in Karakul, one of the very most ghost towns i have ever seen.