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JT - 05-27-18 8:23 AM
This is absolutely stunning. I only wish you had a 4k version posted so I could set it as my desktop background :)

The lighting and colors of this picture are spot on. It gives a sense of being there while the sun is setting. Again, Awesome!
dalth500 - 10-31-15 11:46 PM
Camjones - the D800e platform has large megapixel sensor and when coupled with Zeiss glass it can deliver images that approach larger medium format equipment such as Hasselblad - I have found that the dynamic range of the camera is as or perhaps more important that absolute sensor megapixel size. The D800e has superb dynamic range that allows for incredible flexibility in high contrast settings like high key mountains and dark shadows in the forests. Thanks for taking a look at my work!
philipbrindle - 10-31-15 9:49 PM
Nice shot for sure...great work, keep it up...
camjones - 10-30-15 7:07 PM
That looks almost like it was shot with a MF camera.
unicomichael - 08-10-14 3:17 PM
Fantastic. I love the expansive forest with the glowing mountain in the background - it draws me in and holds my interest


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Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass

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