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ct999 - 12-21-16 6:52 PM
I love the composition and tones in this one!
zeissy - 12-20-16 10:25 PM
Super image in black and white! Since I am late on the scene of this photo - I am wondering if you did the ISO test and what results Steve?
bajanexile - 06-10-11 1:36 PM
Thanks for your comments Zeissy, Best regards Steve
zeissy - 06-10-11 9:40 AM
Great play of stability and open space ~ very nice bw!
bajanexile - 08-30-10 12:53 PM
Thanks for viewing and commenting kanuck. Feedback keeps me going. Stephen
kanuck - 08-18-10 5:10 PM
Great shot! I love the looming clouds and wonderful foreground. I'd use iso 50 as well if I could I hear you gain just a little more sharpness and saturation levels improve as well in post processing. I love shooting Velvia 50 slides with my F100. My D700 only goes down to 100 unfortunately.
bajanexile - 08-2-10 9:16 AM
Thanks for looking and making some comments. Comments/feedback let you know that you are still on the right track. ljsegil, I shoot all of my images as RAW files and then covert them to 16-Bit TIFF files. Most of my monochrome conversions are made with Nik's Silver Efex Pro software or using the Channel Mixer in Photoshop. Best regards Stephen
silverstudent - 08-2-10 6:29 AM
Great composition. Very nicely done.
ljsegil - 08-2-10 3:27 AM
Just a lovely image Stephen. I think the 21/2.8 is such a wonderful lens, easily my current favorite optic. Excellent tonal range and discrimination for digital B&W, did you shoot as monochrome in camera or convert an RGB file during post-processing? Either way very impressive.
bajanexile - 08-2-10 1:21 AM
I have started using ISO 50 more often, simply because theoretically IQ ought to be better at the lower ISO setting and one might expect lower Digital Noise as well. I suppose I should check out the theory by shooting a high contrast image at ISO 50 and then again at ISO 100 and then looking for differences in the darker areas of the image where one might expect to see the effects of noise. I will do this and post the images or let you know the findings. Stephen
philber - 08-1-10 11:14 AM
Another fine shot, Stephen; Why do you shoot ISO 50? I thought I read somewhere that it was less desirable than ISO 100?


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