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Manchester UK at Night

kanzer16 - 12-7-13 1:36 AM
Great B & N! I like a lot the composition in the two shots.
paul jones - 12-6-13 12:22 PM
Hi Torralba, Yes had to sell everything to get the Leica Monochrom and wait 7 months for it but will never go back to colour now as just love black and white with this camera . I came into a small amount of money just enough to get the Carl Zeiss Distagon 15 mm f 2.8 but never had enough money to get the finder that goes with it so all those nightime shots are taken blind its also not rangefinder coupled for foucus so you have to guess distance but that only matters when shooting wide open and at close distance. Many people find it difficult to use such wide lenses but I have used it on a few different subjects and it's becoming one of my favourite lenses.
zeissimages - 12-6-13 11:32 AM
This set is very impressive. I was just ranting on the over priced Leica's. But the M Monochrome is worth it. Not to mention the 15 Distagon is king!