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Moonrise Mt. Hood

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Focal length35 mm


Exposure ISO 200 - (1/4) at f/3.5


Date posted2013-08-25

Exif dataEXIF data

dalth500 - 04-10-15 10:48 PM
Larch Mountain viewpoint - take the road off the Old Columbia River Hwy just past the Woman's park viewpoint but before Crown Point - its about 15 miles up to the parking lot and then another 10-15 hike up to the viewing area. They usually close the road after the first snow so the gate may still be locked (but with the almost non-existant snowfall this year I can't imagine why) - Good luck and don't forget to bring the $5.00 for the Forest Service parking/use fee unless you have annual Forest pass.
zeissimages - 04-10-15 9:33 PM
Can you say WOW !!!! ?
Where was this taken from? I want to head out there and try this shot.
dalth500 - 08-25-13 8:12 PM
Thanks Rick - I continue to be impressed with the combination of Zeiss optics and the D800e - I think this platform delivers the highest technical quality images available today. But technology is only one part of the "picture" (pun intended) and ultimately the "seeing" and visual and technical skill of the photographer is infinity more important than the gear. Given a typewriter and enough time even a chimpanzee could hit the right keys in the correct order to produce something like the US Constitution - I suppose the same it true for a Zeiss and D800e - given enough time even a rookie like me can deliver a good landscape now and then!! Thanks for the nice comment and I enjoy your work as well - good shooting to you!!
rickperry - 08-25-13 5:40 AM

WOW - That's what I call a Landscape - the 800E certainly delivers! Nice shot.