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"Octagon Room, Assembly Rooms, City of Bath, Somerset, England"

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Date posted2010-07-21

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bajanexile - 07-21-10 1:02 PM
Thanks for viewing and your feedback JT and Andrea. It is really appreciated. JT: I retire three years ago this month, so I am no longer tied to the weekends. I visit this type of location mid-week when everyone else is at work. I still have to set up the camera and sometimes wait 20 minutes for a break in the traffic. People would detract from an image like this. One's eye is immediately drawn to them VS the architecture that you want to show off. Best regards Stephen
andreasresch - 07-21-10 10:19 AM
Nice, clean and well converted to B&W. Solid shot.
zeissimages - 07-21-10 9:39 AM
I have been following your great pictures for a while. How do you manage to get the rooms empty for your photos? Do you have exclusive access? regardless, they all are awesome.
bajanexile - 07-21-10 6:42 AM
The Bath Assembly Rooms, designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769, are a set of elegant assembly rooms located in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath in England. The Assembly Rooms formed the hub of fashionable Georgian society in the city. Citizens would gather in the rooms in the evening for balls and other public functions, or simply to play cards.