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Bow Bridge, Central Park

canicuss - 11-18-12 10:28 AM
Thanks! I really like your shot of the boat by this bridge. I didn't get any closer than this either. We were going to go back the next day and cross the bridge but we ran out of time (36 hours in NY is not long enough). Next time. Not sure when I'll get back to NY but I will let you know and we can go see the bridge together. :)
lilia - 11-17-12 9:51 PM
This is more than OK, it's gorgeous!
Next time you're in NY let me know so we can meet.

Have some of this bridge, but met some interesting people, so did not have the opportunity to get closer. Find that the b&w version suited this better.
canicuss - 11-12-12 11:13 AM
Lilia, you made me think of the photos I took in Central Park. I wasn't very happy with the lighting in any of my photos of this beautiful bridge but I think it looks OK in black and white.