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Doing it hard

magiclight - 07-13-12 1:43 PM
I wanted to put my camera down and help him but in the end I took the shot. In the narrow streets of the old part of Istanbul nearly all the goods are delivered this way.
lilia - 07-13-12 1:00 PM
I agree, B&W is excellent choice.

For me, it is all about the face: the expression, anguish, exhaustion from pulling heavy cartons. He is an old man who must do heavy manual labor. What thought is going through his mind right now. It hurts my heart that he is but one of millions who do not have easy lives. How lucky we are that we will not have the same fate.

dr. harout - 07-13-12 12:31 PM
Excellent shot. Wise thing to convert it to B&W. I would prefer that the feet have been included in the shot, but, never mind, it is still a great shot.