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Photo: 20639

joecan - 06-2-12 2:35 PM
Thanks - glad you like them.
The story was: after dinner (about 9 pm) I went in the garden, and
the Sun was very low already, so to have this framing I had to laid down in the grass. My wife and daughter from the house thought I
was sleeping (the distance is like a soccer field from the house to the place where the action took place), but later they realize I was moving from time to time... So "he is taking photographs..."
Had some fun, and also was hard to delete another 20 or so - the difference has been minimal - but what I will do with so many Dandelions???
We have way too many in the garden, don't need in my hard drive.
aquilan - 06-2-12 11:57 AM
I cannot distinguish which 'dmuchawiec' (Dandelion) is better, and which is the best...I chose this one, but all are great :)