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First developed frame.
JT - 08-2-19 3:45 PM
By no means am I asking you to retouch the photo nor am I thinking negatively of the tattoo. I have one myself :) I just found it a little distracting. That does not mean I dislike it.

Thanks for posting.
aquilan - 08-2-19 3:23 PM
Thanks JT. About tatoo, I have not much influence to model what her forearm looks like. I know there are techniques of retouch to make it less visible. But there is also the aspects of feelings of Human Being. If Nikola really likes her tatoo I have no right to retouch it. I could choice other frame to portray Her. I have a few more photos, which was taken aside this one. I will try to share them to let You to compare the outcome :)
JT - 08-2-19 2:47 PM
I like the lighting and framing. Very nice. I only wish the tattoo wasn't so distracting. I tend to focus on the arm instead of her face or the overall frame. But, after that moment, I take the whole image in and enjoy the capture.


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