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Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm
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Photo: 27057 | Uncategorized

Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm

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On 09-10-13 6:28 PM Canada joecan wrote:
On 08-2-13 8:49 AM United States torralba wrote:
Thank you all very much. If you you could see, immediately to the left is the open face of Mt Saint Helens volcano staring you right in the face.
On 07-22-13 9:47 PM United States mblaufuss wrote:
Very nice shot! Love the colorsSmile
ronny olsson
On 06-6-13 12:20 AM Sweden ronny olsson wrote:
Wow ! Great shot ..nice landscape
On 03-11-13 2:21 AM United States canicuss wrote:
Beautiful shot, love the depth and colors.

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Zeiss Distagon f1.4 35mm
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Photo: 11029 | Uncategorized

Zeiss Distagon f1.4 35mm

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On 06-17-11 9:34 AM United States torralba wrote:
This lens is the bomb! By the way. Popflash has a few in stock for Nikon mount.
On 05-14-11 8:40 PM Canada zeissy wrote:
Wonderful shot; must be one heck of a lens!
On 05-14-11 8:27 PM United States torralba wrote:
Thanks, It is a film shot and I lightened it a little so I could bring out the eyes.
On 05-14-11 8:13 PM Canada zeissy wrote:
Wonderful! Is a bit light, but I love it just like that!
On 05-10-11 2:14 PM Netherlands miked700 wrote:
That DoF... Lovely shot; bit light...


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Zeiss ZA Sonnar 135mm f1.8
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Photo: 420 | General

Zeiss ZA Sonnar 135mm f1.8

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On 11-26-10 5:42 PM United States torralba wrote:
Hope you guys don't mind. But I thought I would feature one of my own Smile
On 10-18-10 10:59 AM United States lenscrack wrote:
Thanks for the comment earlier on the shot of my little girl. Poked around here and have to say, the color and focus on this one is just amazing. This is a truly outstanding photo!
On 06-16-10 4:14 PM United States torralba wrote:
The bokeh of the ZA 35mm f1.8
Zeiss ZA Sonnar 135mm f1.8
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Photo: 415 | Nature

Zeiss ZA Sonnar 135mm f1.8

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On 06-25-14 5:26 AM United Kingdom ibbz wrote:
On 04-6-13 11:13 AM United States d.ortego wrote:
I also own the old and outdated off-brand camera with the same pithy lens, and its a great combo.
On 06-24-10 8:34 AM United States torralba wrote:
thank you. That 135 works really well with so many things.
On 06-10-10 12:40 PM Poland smok53 wrote:
Wow! Beautiful image.
Zeiss ZM Distagon  f2.8 15mm
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Standing Ground | People - Street

Zeiss ZM Distagon f2.8 15mm

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On 07-1-10 7:11 AM United States torralba wrote:
I thought I would throw one of my own up there Smile

United States Torralba

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zeissimages.com photo 240
12-17-17 11:41 AM
Love the colors. Now I want the Makro Planar;)
zeissimages.com photo 54075
06-30-17 8:45 AM
C' est un super beau chien !!! J' adore ....
zeissimages.com photo 54011
06-23-17 11:19 PM
SUPER ! cette version ne noir et blanc . Félicitations !
zeissimages.com photo 50936
08-26-16 11:38 AM
Face straight from 'Lord of The Rings'.
zeissimages.com photo 49467
05-13-16 10:02 AM
Too much time ?
zeissimages.com photo 49555
05-2-16 11:56 AM
Nice shot Jorge.
zeissimages.com photo 49401
04-23-16 8:47 PM
[quote]camjones wrote: How do you like that D5? [/quote] So far I love it! It's a bit on the large side but feels fine in hand. I have not picked up the Sony since I got the D5.
zeissimages.com photo 49401
04-23-16 11:47 AM
How do you like that D5?
zeissimages.com photo 49338
04-15-16 2:42 PM
Oh yeah . . . Giving new meaning to the phrase, "dog faced". LoL.
zeissimages.com photo 49107
03-25-16 3:43 PM
Very first shot with the new D5 and Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Milvus

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