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Dalton Hobbs (dalth500)
PORTLAND, United States
Member since: 2013-01-31
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I became interested in photography by processing and enlarging my own 35mm and 4x5 sheet film images at a makeshift home darkroom when I was a teenager. Later in college I was introduced to the work of the incomparable photographers Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Minor White, W. Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams. This Pantheon of artists remain my principal influences - although I have been taking some liberties with post processing effects that would have Weston rolling in his grave!! Professionally I worked in marketing and communication field for 30 plus years and was fortunate to collaborate and work with great studio and location shooters on the West coast of the US. My photographs have been used in publications, however photography is primarily a non-comercial personal creative pursuit. Please feel free to critique or comment on my work

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