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Username: eric73
Member since: 2012-10-16
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Photography is a passion of mine and I make my photo's the traditional way: Black and white and on film. Why? Because I love the look it gives me.

My pictures are made with a 35mm or 6x6 film camera and in most cases with a standard lens. I like this angle of view and it eases me. I never have to think what lens to choose and it helps me to learn to master the capabilities of the particular lens.

Most of my images are shot on Tri-X and developed in ID-11 or Xtol. I make my prints the traditional way, in the dark room. However, to be able to present my pictures here, I have a cheapo scanner for 35mm negatives. My square 6x6 images are "scanned" with a digital camera and converted to B&W images in Photoshop.

Famous photographers I admire and that inspire me are among others: Richard Avedon, HCB and Vivian Maier.

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