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Contest Rules

Contest Rules

Just a reminder !!!!

Absolutely no editing of any kind is allowed after the contest closes. The software will automatically remove any photograph from the contest even if one just adds a period to the end a sentence in the description.

*** READ THE RULES. THEY ARE IMPORTANT *** Failure to follow rules will disqualify you!

If the contest is the annual ZeissImages.com contest sponsored by Zeiss, you can submit photos taken with any brand camera or lens. Your camera must be able to accept a Zeiss lens natively. However, the photos do not need to be taken with a Zeiss. Since the winner will get a Zeiss lens, we only want to make sure your camera will accept a Zeiss lens. Most common brands accepting Zeiss lenses include the following:


You must reach a level "1" in your profile.

The following minimum points are needed.

You must have at least 100 points for your photos.
You must have at least 100 points for comments posted by you.
You must have at least 25 points for likes posted posted by you.

You can view your points by looking at your profile. Hover over the blue information icon on the page to see how the points are issued.

You can submit your entries even without having the necessary points or level. Just make sure you reach those points and level by the time the contest closes for further submissions.

You are allowed 3 uploads into a contest category.

If you participate in the contest, you must vote on one of the entries in the contest besides your own.

You are allowed 1 vote for a contest photo and it cannot be for your own photo. Vote carefully. You cannot change your vote once cast.

Contest voting will begin when the submissions are closed.

Contest will run until it is closed by the administrator.

The photos with the most votes will be selected for final judging by your truly. This means I will consider the top images and make a decison from those. Keep in mind, I may select and image with less votes than another as the winner. The votes are to get the images into the pool of finalists.

You agree to allow ZeissImages use the winning photograph to promote additional contests and ZeissImages.

This year, the winner can choose one of the following lenses as the prize.

Batis 18
Batis 25
Batis 85
Loxia 21
Loxia 35
Loxia 50
Loxia 85
Milvus 35
Milvus 50

Good luck everyone !

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