Comments for Gcook20@roadrunner.c

🕐 05-14-11 10:48 PMpratyush360
Downtown Los Angeles
Very nicely composed.
🕐 08-29-10 12:41 AMemin aydogan
Trees and Lake

impressive lighting and scenery. was the size of the image of another time and congratulations
🕐 08-14-10 11:17 AMdonuss
Photo 4077
Great picture and colors.
🕐 06-28-10 3:56 PMmstudios
A place for waiting
I see Gidot! Nice image.....
🕐 06-26-10 9:34 AMdante121
A place for waiting
This composition is superb
🕐 06-23-10 1:59 AMbajanexile
Pepperdine Trees
Like the composition. Stephen
🕐 06-22-10 1:55 PMbajanexile
Trees and Lake
Interesting image. Stephen
🕐 06-22-10 10:22 AMgary cook
Trees and Lake
Thank you. I used Lightroom3 grain for first time here. I am glad it worked out.
🕐 06-22-10 7:24 AMJT
Trees and Lake
Great image. Looks like it is on a different planet. I love composition, grain and lighting.
🕐 06-22-10 5:12 AMrickperry
Trees and Lake
Flawless composition - a prize winner!
Nice work, Rick
🕐 06-22-10 3:47 AMcliffkiracofe
Trees and Lake
really nice landscape. very effective use of the powerful tree foreground element. you and donuss have provided some fine examples of what is possible with the 18mm.
🕐 06-22-10 1:42 AMgary cook
Trees and Lake
This scene is on the Pepperdine University school campus. It is right next door to Malibu California.
🕐 06-20-10 8:43 AMbajanexile
Disney Concert Hall
A1. Stephen
🕐 06-20-10 5:46 AMmstudios
Disney Concert Hall
I love this building....
🕐 06-20-10 4:53 AMgary cook
Disney Concert Hall
I have riposted photo with dust removed. Thanks for the catch Stephen.
🕐 06-19-10 7:30 PMrickperry
Downtown Los Angeles 2
Gary - that is a very nice shot!

🕐 06-19-10 11:44 AMbajanexile
Downtown Los Angeles
Beautiful capture. Of the two images, I prefer the lighting balance on this one. The 5D and Zeiss lenses are a great match. Stephen
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