Comments for Walter

🕐 06-19-10 11:51 AMbajanexile
Like it! Stephen
🕐 06-18-10 6:15 PMcliffkiracofe
Way cool. I must show this to my Merckx road bike down in the front hall...
🕐 06-18-10 6:09 PMcornelius
This image was made with a Hasselblad 500C/M, Zeiss CF 60mm 3.5, and a Hasselblad 55 ext. tube. Growing up I had a love affair with bicycles and now my sister races them! This is a close up of the rear cassette on her downhill race machine.
🕐 06-18-10 6:02 PMJT
Wow, I can feel it! wonderful!
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