Comments for Dmitry

🕐 12-21-16 6:56 PMct999
Photo 3679
Nice! I would have guessed it was at least 100mm!
🕐 09-10-10 7:52 PMderekwin
Photo 3609
Great expression and I like the composition a lot
🕐 09-10-10 3:34 AMderekwin
Photo 3722
Great reflection and angle.
🕐 08-9-10 8:23 AMtypeguru
Photo 3722
Thank you for the compliment. I just wish to eventually wet print my photos in a real darkroom. But for now, these machine scans will do.

🕐 08-8-10 3:43 AMmartynas
Photo 3722
Excellent perspective and POV here.. beautiful B&W tones too...very enjoyable!
🕐 08-1-10 9:22 AMtypeguru
I wanna be like you
Thanks for the kind words
🕐 08-1-10 8:05 AMzblake
I wanna be like you
Great street work. Love the composition and exposure. Well done!
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