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Walensee 1
Photo by donuss
🕐 03-07-23 13:16JT wrote:
I am a sucker for B&W. Love it!
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Konzerthaus Berlin
Photo by donuss
🕐 11-18-17 16:31fe2cruz wrote:
beautiful interior
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Water 2
Photo by donuss
🕐 11-17-17 00:00slenz wrote:
Amazing long exposure!
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on the bridge
Photo by donuss
🕐 11-16-17 23:59slenz wrote:
Amazing capture against the sun! Creates beautiful silhouettes
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Hamburg by Night (Germany)
Photo by donuss
🕐 03-07-16 03:05yuriylux wrote:
Resembles a theatrical stage. Memorable photo!
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Stadthalle Wuppertal 2 (Germany)
Photo by donuss
🕐 03-06-16 11:56bajanexile wrote:
Lovely image, nice POV.
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Stadthalle Wuppertal 1 (Germany)
Photo by donuss
🕐 03-06-16 11:55bajanexile wrote:
Nice interior.
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Photo by donuss
🕐 11-05-15 06:24hyperfocal wrote:
I like it. Graduated ND , or just plain ?
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Blue 2
Photo by donuss
🕐 10-27-15 02:04philber wrote:
What an unexpected find: a rhinoceros head! Nice catch!
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Toggenburg 2
Photo by donuss
🕐 10-15-15 12:59dalth500 wrote:
I like the atmosphere !