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🕐 01-9-14 12:58 PMstimp posted Click to view details
Belitung Island
Photo by: barista7105
At first I thought that this is a turtle but then I realized this is only my imagination!
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🕐 02-18-12 12:25 PMhasse58 posted Click to view details
Photo 4773
Photo by: barista7105
Incredibly nice picture, done very well in b / w
🕐 03-5-11 12:10 AMkimberly cher posted Click to view details
Photo by: barista7105
hey Herry, Would you mind lettting me work on this one for you?
I have some ideas.. Ill give the original image and the worked on image sent back to you. I have a great ideal on how to bring out those details. You have alot there.

Here is my website. please see that im not a flake or a theif. and my flickr is

and my facebook (so you can see my friends are normal and so am I - my name on facebook is kimberly deignan siebert or kimberly siebert deignan...

I would love to edit this image for you.

let me know if that is okay.


Kim - (i dont want to change without your permission!)
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🕐 03-5-11 12:06 AMkimberly cher posted Click to view details
Photo by: barista7105
love it! the whites are a little cyan though... nice comp
🕐 07-15-10 3:26 PMzeissimages posted Click to view details
Sunrise or Sunset?
Photo by: barista7105
nice. Very soothing. Love the colors.
🕐 07-5-10 12:29 PMshapencolour posted Click to view details
Photo by: barista7105
So many bright vivid colors in this scene.I like it!
🕐 07-3-10 2:58 AMbajanexile posted Click to view details
The Couple
Photo by: barista7105
Nice tight crop and colours. Stephen