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🕐 12-26-15 2:21 PMhoverace
Zeiss on Zeiss
The camera was found on the floor of a photography store. Managed to bargain them to $15. An adapter cost an additional $49 to use the lens on my Sony A6000. Unfortunately the timer on the camera is kuput so I have not shot any film. If it worked I would though. John
🕐 12-12-15 2:11 PMjean-ber52
behind the barn
Excellent BRAVO
🕐 03-16-12 11:56 PMaquilan
100% crop
I love them ^_^ nothing more to say...
🕐 08-9-11 4:15 AMredskeeter
Just a Flower
Beautiful image!
🕐 07-5-11 4:13 PMcanicuss
Just a Flower
🕐 06-19-11 9:47 PMmbmoore
Just Summer
Great composition and colors!
🕐 06-12-11 9:16 AMhoverace
Brighter image
Seems that uploaded images are slightly darker than my monitor, now if I can only figure out how to remove the dark one.
🕐 06-12-11 7:00 AMaquilan
A Dark & Stormy Night
Very nocturnal...just like before storm :)
popflash photo
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