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Somewhere in a Utah Canyon
Photo by sjackson
🕐 12-15-17 21:16hyperfocal wrote:
Great contrast between acid-green of Spring foliage and orange of Navajo sandstone...
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Four Daughters - What haven't you told Dad
Photo by sjackson
🕐 12-28-14 13:26sjackson wrote:
A good group to photograph. Some people just make it easy. Thanks.
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No Title. Cambridge, UK
Photo by sjackson
🕐 09-30-14 12:47merrill wrote:
Crop the wall from the right hand side - as we look at it - and I think a good photograph becomes a great one.
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Contains Lead
Photo by sjackson
🕐 01-26-14 06:05rick perry wrote:
Great subject - wonderful treatment. Nicely done!
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Church at Roundtop Texas
Photo by sjackson
🕐 12-28-13 16:07zeissy wrote:
Just superb!
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Dawn Drive into Monument Valley
Photo by sjackson
🕐 07-11-13 01:07aquilan wrote:
Nice halftones :)