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Jordanian Pipe Band
Photo by merrill
🕐 11-23-19 16:13JT wrote:
Get with the program! Love the look here. Excellent capture!
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Looking west towards Co Donegal from the harbour at Portrush, Co Antrim just after sunset
Photo by merrill
🕐 10-03-14 03:55JT wrote:
Wow. Looks like the sky and ocean are on fire!
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Early evening sun on the River Moy, Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland
Photo by merrill
🕐 07-31-14 15:37aquilan wrote:
Nice colours :)
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Tools of the trade
Photo by merrill
🕐 06-18-14 16:24JT wrote:
Lovely B&W conversion!
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The Old Rectory, built 1717
Photo by merrill
🕐 05-02-14 14:50aquilan wrote:
It is so crisp and colourful :)
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King John's 13th c. castle, Carlingford, Co Louth
Photo by merrill
🕐 03-19-14 00:32yuriylux wrote:
Each shot, Merrill approach very carefully. Wonderful composition,and postprocessing is beautiful! With great respect, Yuri.
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Photo by merrill
🕐 02-18-14 14:13cyra wrote:
very nice series!
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Photo by merrill
🕐 12-09-13 13:26ibbz wrote:
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Shepherd boys, Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan
Photo by merrill
🕐 12-09-13 13:25ibbz wrote:
brilliant travel series of a stunning place.
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Photo 532959
Photo by merrill
🕐 12-09-13 13:20ibbz wrote:
love the simplicity and tranquility!