Comments for Paul Kuntz

🕐 12-25-16 1:26 PMJT
Bernie Sanders speaks at rally - Houston, TX 2015
Great shot and conversion. The sensor on the DF is one of the best as far as I am concerned.
🕐 06-3-10 7:10 PMJT
Freakshow - Venice, CA
Nothing freaky here :)
🕐 05-25-10 10:23 PMJT
Cowboy - George Ranch - Richmond, TX
very nice. Like how you framed the cowboy :)
🕐 05-25-10 10:21 PMJT
Seagulls on camera - Venice, CA
I like thie bird on the ground looking at you with that puzzled look and twisted head :) Great shot.
🕐 05-21-10 3:03 PMnatebarnz
The Grim Reaper with bicycle - Santa Monica, CA
Nice capture. Just in the nic of time.
🕐 05-21-10 3:00 PMnatebarnz
Aria in a field of flowers - near Waller, TX
Great shot. I'm really liking the DOF here.
🕐 05-21-10 8:32 AMbajanexile
The Grim Reaper with bicycle - Santa Monica, CA
Lovely composition. Like the gull flying past the Hoodie. Stephen
🕐 05-21-10 8:30 AMbajanexile
Musso and Frank - Hollywood, CA
To my eye, this needs straightening? Glass looks as though it will slide off the table to the left. Easily fixed unless there is a specific reason for posting it like this. Regards Stephen
🕐 05-21-10 8:28 AMbajanexile
Aria in a field of flowers - near Waller, TX
Nice subject matter and use of restricted DOF ( 200mm Focal Length @ f4?). Stephen
🕐 05-21-10 8:22 AMbajanexile
Aria jumps - George Ranch - Richmond, TX
Nice composition and flaky look to the door. Steve
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