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🕐 05-31-18 3:56 PMJT
Interior - National History Museum, London
Great! Thats where I was married.

Embeded Photo
🕐 05-31-18 2:57 PMbajanexile
Interior - National History Museum, London
Thanks for commenting Jorge. I will have to make a trip to Ecclesfield. Steve
🕐 05-31-18 7:53 AMJT
Interior - National History Museum, London
Another masterful work. Please let us all know when you have the book ready :)
The green and magenta flags really balance out the stone work. Well done.

When will you be in South Yorkshire. Maybe you can do St Mary's in Ecclesfield for me one day.
🕐 01-2-18 12:35 AMbajanexile
Thanks Zeissy and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Steve
🕐 12-30-17 1:11 PMzeissy
Really like that soft subtle colour seeping through
🕐 12-26-17 4:05 AMbajanexile
Hiking in Saxon Wessex
Shot from the White Horse way at the top of the North Wessex Downs, Wiltshire, England/

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS Mark II lens @400mm, f/10, 1/1250 sec and ISO 1600. See: +Horse+Trail
🕐 11-18-17 4:42 PMfe2cruz
shiny tones!
🕐 11-18-17 10:29 AMbajanexile
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
Thank you Aryal your comment is much appreciated. Regards Steve
🕐 11-18-17 1:17 AMgauravaryal
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
wonderful colour, lights and mood.
🕐 10-14-17 5:50 AMbajanexile
Water of Life
Thanks for leaving ypur comment Walter, much appreciated. Steve
🕐 10-14-17 5:03 AMwalter
Water of Life
Great quality and superb sharpness! Inspiring image.
🕐 10-2-17 5:40 AMdikky
Water of Life
great shot !
🕐 12-21-16 6:52 PMct999
"The Look Out"
I love the composition and tones in this one!
🕐 12-20-16 10:25 PMzeissy
"The Look Out"
Super image in black and white! Since I am late on the scene of this photo - I am wondering if you did the ISO test and what results Steve?
🕐 11-11-16 3:51 PMsubtilior
1 1/2
Wonderful filigree twigs and branches.
🕐 07-31-16 3:15 AMakul
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
The color is incredible. Gorgeous shot.

🕐 07-5-16 1:09 PMbajanexile
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
Sorry that I am so late thanking you for your comments Yuri, shapencolour and Carol, I have not visited this Website for sometime. Regards Steve
🕐 07-4-16 11:29 PMyuriylux
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
I think the Zeiss should give You a reward for the excellent advertising of their products! These pictures are really inspiring!
🕐 07-1-16 8:15 AMshapencolour
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
That's outstanding Steven.
🕐 06-30-16 12:40 PMzeissy
Light & Shade - Spring 2016
Inspired image Steve!

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