Comments for Ryan

🕐 05-24-14 1:01 AMJT
Photo 3347
I much prefer the color version to the B&W one you posted. Although it is in color, it looks more nostalgic than the B&W one. Almost like an old faded transparency.
🕐 12-22-13 1:45 PMd.ortego
Photo 1928
Nice shot but the focus seems a bit off. Then again it is a f/1,4 although at f/8 it should be a tad sharper.
🕐 10-1-10 8:35 AMrsolti13
Photo 3359
It was with the 35, I forgot to change the lens info in camera when I took this
🕐 09-30-10 4:31 PMJT
Photo 3359
Was this with the 100 or 35? I noticed it coming up in the quick search of 100mm but it has a 35mm assigned to it. Just curious. I am getting paranoid about my code :)
🕐 07-24-10 1:41 PMshapencolour
Photo 1934
Great capture.
🕐 07-19-10 7:17 AMJT
Photo 3011
This is very nice. the focus transition, brick wall and lantern really add to this. This would probably look good in B&W as well.
🕐 06-24-10 1:32 PMcliffkiracofe
Photo 733
very nice: tones, composition, atmosphere
🕐 06-21-10 1:55 PMcharles.k
Photo 1934
Love the rendering on this shot rsolti!
🕐 06-21-10 7:27 AMrsolti13
Photo 1934
sounds like a reason for me to purchase a T/S if I could only convince the wife :) Thanks
🕐 06-21-10 7:25 AMJT
Photo 1934
This is great! The only thing I would recommend is straightening the image just a little. Make the windows and pipe on the right side parallel with the edge. Maybe it will throw the left side off a little but it's worth a try with such a good picture.
🕐 06-16-10 12:21 AMphilber
Photo 1640
Nice! There is a real feeling of "you are there" IMHO.
🕐 06-15-10 2:30 PMrsolti13
Photo 1627
All lens.....I barely increased sharpness at all. Not quite SOOC, but pretty darn close
🕐 06-15-10 2:28 PMpaky
Photo 1627
3d pop. did you enhance that or was is all lens.
🕐 06-10-10 6:42 PMJT
Photo 730
Just noticed this in the Random pics. I like these types of shots. Makes me wonder what else is around there. Good shot.
🕐 05-19-10 8:14 AMJT
Photo 732
I like the desaturation of colors you used here. Not to mention, the composition is very good.
🕐 05-19-10 7:30 AMJT
Photo 729
Do you know this person [url] ? :)

Nice colors in the slippers!
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